Thanks for all your help!


10 Things You Should Know

 1. Each student recieve a copy of the classroom expectations and/or the course syllabus, code of ethics, and safety contract. Please read these over with your student.

2. Each student should have an organized binder and contain notes, homework assignments, etc.  Students are responsible for having all materials with them each day.

3. Each child will receive a mid-term report if they have a D or F. Your child's grades can be viewed online at any time.

4. Late work is not accepted. Excessve late assignments will result in my contacting you, and possibly assigned bonus periods in order to complete missing work, projects, or other classwork.

5. Each child must make up any tests and labs that were missed due to excused absences during the after school bonus period. For test make-up a student must stay until finished with the test, regardless of the time. Be prepared for this as it may not be possible to take the late bus! (2:27-2:55 Tu-W-Th).

6. Each student has one week to make up work that was missed because of an extended absence. Late work is not accepted unless due to an excused absence.

7. If a student is present when an assignment, quiz, or test is assigned, but absent the day it is due or taken; the student will be expected to have the assignment completed or take quiz/ test upon return (extended absences will be dealt with individually).

8. Each child can have additional instruction with me after school during bonus period.

9. Each student needs to have certain forms signed by you before they are allowed to participate in certain classroom activities.

10. Each parent has the right to call/email me at anytime to discuss their student's progress. Please continue to check grades online. Also check this website frequently so you can keep up with the current class agenda including any homework assignments and relevant due dates!


Thank you for taking the time to review this information! I am looking forward to the new semester with your student!