Behavior Plan

Behavior Plan!

Image result for class dojoPositive Behavior is rewarded through Class Dojo which is used in the classroom.     Individual students who use good behavior in the classroom will be rewarded with     Dojo points that are added to earn specific rewards. Some examples that can earn   a student Dojo points can be:



  • The student helps their classmate pick up their stuff

  • Helps the teacher pass out papers

  • Cleans up their mess in the class,

  • Helps someone in the hallway. after receiving a specific amount of points,

The student can choose a reward at the time, such as homework pass, or they can save it to receive a bigger reward such as extra recess.

Whole class dojo points also work the same way. If the students are all showing positive behavior throughout the day, they will receive a class dojo point which can be combined to have specific rewards such as, a class party or movie day. 


Image result for class dojo rewards


Image result for class dojo rewards