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About me!

Hello, My name is Dema Shaheen, and I am your child's second-grade teacher. I graduated from Benedictine University with a major in Elementary Education. I enjoy teaching your child and learning more about them as they learn about me. The more I am working with the students, I am also learning from them as they learn from me. I look forward to working with my students!

Five Fun Facts!enlightened

laughI speak two languages; English and Arabic

laughI love traveling, seeing new places, and meeting new people!

laughI love playing piano and guitar! 

laughI just became an aunt for the first time!!

laugh My name, Dema, means the cloud that brings rain to the crops after a drought... Dema with an E!


Contact Information!

Phone: 630-829-6462

Email: Dema_Shaheen@ben.edu