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In our classroom, we have 20 students which are grouped in clusters of 5. Students are randomly grouped and will be switching grouping at the beginning of every month. Our classroom is set up to have more areas to learn using hands-on activities and learning centers to allow students to take control of their learning. We have a classroom library, Starbooks Cafe, which has different leveled texts that are arranged by reading level. This helps the students read the books that are at their own level and can help them move onto higher levels. 


We also have routines that are set to keep it running smoothly. The students have been wonderful by cooperating and following the routines throughout the day. For example, at the beginning of the day, students are to hang their coats and backpacks and sit at their desk as they complete their morning work. During lunch, students know when they are called on they have to grab their lunch and line up in number order to go down to the lunch room. Lastly, at the end of the day, students back their stuff, clean their desks, and put up their chairs until they are dismissed. These are the routines in our classroom that help keep us organized!


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