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Upcoming Student Projects!

12/1: Book reports are almost due! Remember book reports are due on Friday, December 1st! Students should have their book report project ready to showcase to their classmates. Presentations will begin on Friday and students will speak about their book and the information they collected about the main idea, setting, characters, and plot. 

12/8: The Science Fair is just around the corner! Students are already working on their plans for their own science projects to showcase at the science fair! The students will develop a hypothesis, they will do the experiment, and they will see if they were correct. Their project will be on a big board that will be shown at our science fair along with their experiment.  

Upcoming Curriculum!

Social Studies- Our unit is titled "The World Around Us" and it is a geography unit.

  • Vocabulary words such as location, landforms, and climate. 
  • How to view and interpret certain maps and how to identify the location of a place absolutely and relatively.
  • This unit will include activities, homework, projects, a unit exam that will be taken at the end, and a unit project that will be determined later on in the unit. 


Science- Our unit for science will be about Earth and Space.

  • Vocabulary words such as planets, rotation, and axis.
  • The objects in our sky, their orbits, and their characteristics.
  • Our unit will include 3D projects that the students are going to create, activities, homework, and a unit exam that will cover the information that was learned throughout our unit.


Reading- In our reading unit, we will be learning about inflectional endings, plurals, and summarizing.

  • Inflectional endings such as "ing" or "ed." Students will be learning about vocabulary, reading leveled-text, and high-frequency words. Interactive stories to build fluency using phrases and commas.
  • Using fun activities in our reading unit to build their creative writing about the readings that will be used in our unit for summarizing.
  • Homework, projects, and activities will be given throughout the unit. A unit exam will be given at the end of the unit to measure how well the students understood the information learned.  


Math- In our math unit, we will be learning about using money in the real world.

  • How to count mixed groups of coins using pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and half-dollars.
  • How to recognize the same money value using the coins, such as a dollar is also four quarters.
  • By using activities, projects, and homework in our unit, we will explore counting money up to 100 or more as well as we will begin looking at place value.
  • A unit exam at the end of the unit will be given to measure student growth throughout the unit. 


Special Days!Related image

11/27: BIRTHDAY!! We have a special birthday in the classroom. Our class wants to wish Billy a happy birthday, we hope you enjoy it!


12/11: Parent/Teacher conferences!! Please make an appointment with me for our parent/teacher conferences, my contact information is under (contact/about me). I look forward to seeing you all!

If you would like to meet with me for any reason, please don't hesitate to contact me so we can set up an appointment.

  • Don't forget to turn in lunch forms every week!