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It's Our FIRST Poll of the Year!  

"What Will Our Class Pet Be?" 

What elementary classroom is complete without a class pet?  Not only do class pets provide a sense of warmth to the classroom setting, but they also can serve as the focal point for many lessons! Check out the article "Animals Make Good Teachers" on for more details!  The only question that remains though is what should OUR class pet be?! 

Submit your vote for the 2009-2010 class pet TODAY by clicking on the "Vote for Me" link next to the animal of your choice.  Please include your name and the type of pet you're voting for in the e-mail window that appears.  When I receive your vote, I will send you a conformation e-mail and add your choice to the site!  Make sure you check back to see which class pet is in the lead!


   Type of Pet    

 Vote for Me 

  # of Votes   

 Bunny Rabbit


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Fish Tank


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 Hermit Crab

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Get 2 Months for $5!