Writing Instructions - Due July 16

Being able to give clear instructions/directions is a very important skill.  This skill is also very challenging!  It doesn't matter how well we know how to do something or how clear we believe our instructions are they might now be clear to others.  Sometimes it is actually harder to explain to someone how to do something if it is something we understand very well because we make assumptions about what the other person knows and doesn't know.



I would hope that this is something that you know how to do very well because you should be doing it several times a day!

Your task:  Pretend you are trying to explain to someone who has never brushed their teeth before how to do it.  You need to write step-by-step instructions that will be easy to follow for this person.  We can assume that the person already has the 'stuff' required for this task so you won't need to explain how to go to the store to buy anything.