About Miss Tanner


I was born and raised in Houston, Tx with my four older siblings.  My parents still live in the house I grew up in and I visit them often.  After going to the same school with the same kids from kindergarten through eigth grade and then to high school with most of my classmates, I decided to go against the popular choice and attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Tx.  It also helped that my parents and 2 older sisters attended SMU.  Education was always a top priority in our lives.  My parents made sure that all five of us attended great schools and graduated from college.  We all have great jobs and are all happy in our lives.  I have four adorable nieces that become a part of my classroom from family stories to names of characters in writers workshop.

My Career Choice 

While on a Spring Break mission trip in Chicago with some fellow SMU students, I had the opportunity to volunteer in a classroom with fourth grade students.  Upon our arrival,  the classroom teacher picked up her bag and left for the day.  At this point I did not have any classroom experience as a teacher and did not know what to expect from these students who grew up in a very different neighborhood than my own.  My fellow volunteer and I decided to make the best of the situation.  We figured the teacher must have left some lesson plans somewhere...we never did find them.  We did find a stack of worksheets.  We passed them out and monitored how the students were doing.  One student looked as if he could care less about the assignment and anything else we might ask of him.  I asked if he needed help with anything and soon learned that he couldn't read the directions on the page.  After reading the directions to him and giving him a few hints as to how to get started, this young man was working dilligently.  About five minutes later I heard, "Miss, I'm done."  This young man completed the other assignments much quicker than his classmates.  We then talked and I learned that he was never taught how to read and he used anger to get out of his assignments.  His teachers were afraid of him and just passed him on.  In reality, he was a very smart young man and just needed a little a guidance.  It was that day that I decided to become a teacher.

What I am Doing Now 

I am now starting my sixth year at Barrington Place Elementary as second grade teacher.  This past summer I graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a Masters in Education with a specialization in Reading Education.  I am very excited to share my knowledge of reading education with my colleagues and to instill a passion for reading and learning in my students everyday.