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5th Grade

Week 14-16

Typing Practice

Step 1) Go to

Step 2) Click on the first level and begin 


Week 12-13

Coding Project   

Step 1) Go to and complete the steps to learn how to use Scrath. 

Step 3) Create a game or animalation with ... 

- Movement 

- Character(s) 

- Background

- Dialogue  


Week 9-11

Intro to Coding  

Step 1) Go to

Step 3) Click on stage 2 


Week 8


Step 1) Research: How can we recycle technology responsibly? 

Step 2) Make a slide show in Google Slides 

  • Slide 1) What happens to e-waste that is not recycled properly? (Think about the documentary!) 
  • Slide 2) How can we recycle our technology responsibly so it doesn't hurt people or the environment? 


Week 7


Step 1) E-Waste Dump Documentary 

Step 2) Take Notes in Microsoft Word 

  • What happens to technology when we are done with it?


Week 6

All About Me  

Step 1) Open Microsoft Word. 

Step 2) Type the template (worksheet) and list information about yourself. 

Step 3) Change the fonts, colors, text sizes. Add a picture to make your poster beautiful.  


Week 5

Copy and Paste Practice 

Step 1) Open Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Step 2) Go to and select 10 images that illustrate your favorite sports, music, TV shows, etc. 

Step 3) Copy and Paste the images into a PowerPoint slide. Arrange them to make a poster that is all about you! 


Week 4

Intro to Microsoft Word 

Step 1) Create your story. Use the link below.

Step 2) Copy and paste your story into Microsoft Word Word. 

Step 3) Make your story beautiful. 

    - Write a title in bold at the top of the page.

    - Center all text in the middle of the page. 

    - Underline all the verbs in the story.  

    -  Make all of the adjectives a different color

    -  Change the text font

    - Change the text size


Week 3

Social Media Safety 

1) Watch Video - "Post to be Private"

2) Take the online privacy quiz. 


Week 2

Text Message Safety Power Point 

Make a 2 Slide Power Point with Texting Messaging and Online Safety Tips 

Be sure to add: 

- Pictures 

- Cool colors and backgrounds 

- Text on each slide

- Bonus points for transitions! 


**Bottom Line: Tell yours friends how to stay SAFE when texting or surfing the internet. **


Need information? Not sure what to include in your Power Point? Check out this link!


Week 1

Text Message Safety Intro

1) Watch Video on Text Message Safety

2) Terrible Text Activity - Ignore, Save and Tell


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