5th Grade

Week 14-16

Typing Practice

Step 1) Go to https://www.typingclub.com/sportal/team-5022/program-typing-jungle.game

Step 2) Click on the first level and begin 


Week 12-13

Coding Project   

Step 1) Go to https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/editor/?tip_bar=getStarted and complete the steps to learn how to use Scrath. 

Step 3) Create a game or animalation with ... 

- Movement 

- Character(s) 

- Background

- Dialogue  


Week 9-11

Intro to Coding  

Step 1) Go to https://studio.code.org/s/course2/stage/3/puzzle/1

Step 3) Click on stage 2 


Week 8


Step 1) Research: How can we recycle technology responsibly? 

Step 2) Make a slide show in Google Slides 

  • Slide 1) What happens to e-waste that is not recycled properly? (Think about the documentary!) 
  • Slide 2) How can we recycle our technology responsibly so it doesn't hurt people or the environment? 


Week 7


Step 1) E-Waste Dump Documentary 

Step 2) Take Notes in Microsoft Word 

  • What happens to technology when we are done with it?


Week 6

All About Me  

Step 1) Open Microsoft Word. 

Step 2) Type the template (worksheet) and list information about yourself. 

Step 3) Change the fonts, colors, text sizes. Add a picture to make your poster beautiful.  


Week 5

Copy and Paste Practice 

Step 1) Open Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Step 2) Go to http://google.com/images and select 10 images that illustrate your favorite sports, music, TV shows, etc. 

Step 3) Copy and Paste the images into a PowerPoint slide. Arrange them to make a poster that is all about you! 


Week 4

Intro to Microsoft Word 

Step 1) Create your story. Use the link below. 


Step 2) Copy and paste your story into Microsoft Word Word. 

Step 3) Make your story beautiful. 

    - Write a title in bold at the top of the page.

    - Center all text in the middle of the page. 

    - Underline all the verbs in the story.  

    -  Make all of the adjectives a different color

    -  Change the text font

    - Change the text size


Week 3

Social Media Safety 

1) Watch Video - "Post to be Private" 


2) Take the online privacy quiz. 



Week 2

Text Message Safety Power Point 

Make a 2 Slide Power Point with Texting Messaging and Online Safety Tips 

Be sure to add: 

- Pictures 

- Cool colors and backgrounds 

- Text on each slide

- Bonus points for transitions! 


**Bottom Line: Tell yours friends how to stay SAFE when texting or surfing the internet. **


Need information? Not sure what to include in your Power Point? Check out this link!



Week 1

Text Message Safety Intro

1) Watch Video on Text Message Safety 


2) Terrible Text Activity - Ignore, Save and Tell