Ms. V's Virtual Venue




This is Ms. Van Rawley, known to some as Miss Jill, Miss Van, or Miss V. It's good to see you here! I miss working with you in person, but thought it might be nice to have one place where you can go to reach me and find lots of fun online resources and ideas.


One off-line activity that I would recommend to everyone is to document this historic time. Do you keep a journal? I started one when I was in sixth grade and still have it. It's fascinating to be able to go back and read what my life was like 40 years ago (!)


St. Francis de Sales students

St. Francis Xavier students
Hello, Mathematicians! I hope to see you before too long, but until then please see the "Math Resources" page for learning ideas!

St. Francis Xavier students
Hello, Readers and Mathletes! I'm learning a lot about computers; this is my first website! Please check whichever page applies to you.

La Salle Academy students
Hello, Learners of All Styles! We don't know each other as well since I only see you once a week, but I look forward to my Fridays with you. Until then, please enjoy what I've found online...