Language Arts


Key Learning -

Nonfiction is the presentation of facts and beliefs by a writer which they believe to be true.

The main purpose of nonfiction is providing information. Being simple, clear and organized is important.

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  • Followed by - The Gold Rush by Bobbie Kalman
  • Vocabulary for this unit:

        * nonfiction - literature or cinema that is not fact or true.

        * text features - characteristics within a text that provide information used to aid comprehension.

        * Subject/verb agreement - when a subject and verb agree. (i.e., I live, He lives)

        * Noun/pronoun agreement - when a noun and pronoun agree. (i.e., Billy, he; Suzie, she)

        * reference - a source of information.

        * graphics - a picture, map, or graph used for illustrations.

        * Subjective pronoun - a pronoun that refers to the subject in a sentence.

        * practical - capable of being put to use.

        * legends - explanation of symbols used in charts, maps, graphs, etc or distance on maps.

        * objective pronoun - a pronoun that refers to the object in a sentence.

        * maps - a representation of geographical regions.

        * functional - serving a specific purpose or role.

        * format - the general plan or arrangement of something; the general composition or style of publication.

        * demonstrative pronoun - a pronoun points to something specific, such as; this, that, or those.

        * diagrams - a design or drawing that makes something easier to understand.

        * illustrations - a picture or diagram that explains or decorates.

        * biography - written history of a person's life.

        * charts - information presented in the form of a table, list, or diagram.

        * journal - a typed or written record of daily events.

        * table of contents - a list of the contents found at the beginning of a book or text and where each can be located.

        * article - an essay or prose composition of non-fiction material.

        * newspaper - a paper that is published at regular intervals and contains news, articles of opinions, features and advertising.

        * glossary - a collection of specialized terms with their meanings.

        * headings - the title of a specific section.

        * sequence - chronological order of events.

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