The Writing Process
For fourth graders, this school year is a very important year because
they are tested in FCAT Reading, FCAT Math, and FCAT Writing Test. For the
FCAT Writing, this entales that the children know the differance between an
Expository and Narrative writing. They must also be able to develope a
complete essay using different strategies that will be tought through out the
school year. It is very important that these strategies be implemented not
only in school but, also at home. All of us working together will help our
children to acheive these goals.

The following is the writing process and different strategies that will help
our children become better writers. Practice makes Prefect!

1. Prewrite: Think about your topic.
2. Rough Draft: Write your ideas down.
3. Revise: Make your writing better (go back improve your work).
4. Edit: Make it correct (look for misspelled words or punctuation marks).
5. Publish: Share it with a family member or a friend. Allow feed back.
** Elaborate with exciting details.
** Use action verbs to create adventure.
** Compare and contrast for a total picture.
** Vary your sentences to make reading interesting.
** Have some funn with alliteration.
** Be specific for better understanding.
** Use similes and metaphors to add interest.