Behavior Policy

Behavior Policy

I have two types of behavior systems in my classroom. First of all each child has a number in my classroom. This number is used to indicate behavior, AR points, and study island information. Using a number helps keep each child's information private. At the front of the room I have a timeline with close pens. A student can be asked to move their close pen in the designated area depending on their behavior. Each child does have the opportunity to move up or down throughout the day. I strongly believe in forgiving and forgetting.

Each day your child will bring home a behavior folder. Inside of that folder there will be a calendar. At the end of each day I will put a color down to indicate their behavior for the day. The color shown will be where their close pen was located at the end of the day. I will also try to provide a short description of what happened if needed. I would like for this folder to be signed each day in the square indicated for that day. This helps me know that you are aware of what is occurring in the classroom.


Red- Outstanding

Orange- Great Job!

Yellow- Good Day

Green- Ready to Learn (This is the starting point)

Blue- Think about it! (Warning)

Purple-Teacher's Choice

Pink- Parent Contact 

The other behavior system I have in my classroom is a chip system. Students can receive small plastic chips for good behavior or completing tasks. Each student starts off with one chip each day for coming to school. I have the right to take away chips or give chips depending on their actions and behavior. At the end of each week the students with at least 5 chips have the opportunity to come to the treasure chest. Each trip to the treasure chest is worth 5 chips.

I will also have a group system in place where teams can earn tallies for their table. The group with the most tallies each week gets a prize. I want these students to be responsible for their own behavior, but also aware of how their behavior can affect others.