All About Miss Webler

Hi there!  I am a elementary educator.  I recieved my Bachelor of Arts degree in the Spring of 2010.  I am certified in Elementary Education (K-6) and Special Education (N-12).  I chose to be certified in Special Education so I could be fully preparded for a classroom that includes all students, regardless of their backgrounds and abilities.  My class will work together as a team to learn and grow. 

I will show my students that learning is meant to be exciting.  Through my years of working at a summer daycare and student teaching experiences I have planned numerous engaging, relevant, and memorable activities that have led to exciting learning experiences.  For example, before teaching a math lesson about symmetry, I showed examples of pictures of pizza taped to plates.  That night at dinner, a student spotted symmetry in her dinner and shared her new knowledy of symmetry with her parents. 

We will also stive to develop a supportive, friendly community so that all students feel comfortable enough to express their questions and uncertanties.  We will all learn from each other.

This website was created as a practice website for when I have a classroom of my own!