Hi! I expect every student in my class to be reading at LEAST 30 minutes a night.  This includes the weekends as well.  (60 minutes for the weekend, AT LEAST) 


Sunny D is giving away books to classrooms for every 20 labels that the teacher sends in.  If your family drinks Sunny D please bring in the UPC label.  Thank you!! Link-


9/12/10- Students will have a spelling quiz every Friday.  As you already know, at Baldwin the students are not given a list of words to study for the week.  I am going to give the students 3 pages of words that they need to know in 6th grade and they should study these words on a weekly basis.  These words will be part of their future quizzes and are words they need to know how to spell before leaving 6th grade.  I will go over the words during our spelling lessons.  They also can not miss priority words on the quizzes.  (Words that every 6th grader should know and never misspell.  The list is taped to their desk!)  I also expect every child to take their quiz home and study the words that they missed.   

11/28/10-  I have started a cheerleading squad and I my practices are in the mornings.  I am available for math tutoring on Thursday and Friday mornings unless there is a conflict.  


12/5- I am in need of candy donations for my candy tin!  Any type of candy will be fine.  Thank you!