Check the progress and grades of your child through Engrade.  You may check their grades by signing up with the student's access code.  I will post quizzes, tests, projects, and other various assignments we do in class.  For reading and writing I will be taking other grades as in grading their writing notebook, reading log, and book log.  For math I have decided to not only take grades for tests and quizzes but to also take a grade on "math boxes" that are in their math journal.  It is usually only one problem that is to be done after the students have worked on their other pages in their journal.  It is for me to see if they are understanding the concept by quickly checking the problem at their desk.  I will start doing this September 1st.  I want the students to be able to earn more points toward their grade instead of just receiving a few quiz and test scores.  

Students will have the chance to earn more points in science, spelling, and social studies as well.  There will be various assignments or "checks" on a weekly basis.

Engrade Website-


E-mail me for their access code or if you have any questions!!