Homework Policies

Students have homework four times a week, Monday through Thursday. They will write down homework agenda each day. Each student's agenda is kept inside their class binder. This binder will come home everyday, and it needs to come back to school the next day. In addition, the homework note in the agenda needs to be initialed or signed by a parent daily. This is important as it teaches students to be responsible for their assignments and it is also our daily communication with parents.  

All homework is due first thing the following morning!

Just a reminder...

Homework should be a time where you and your child can work together to reinforce the skills taught at school.  Homework should not take more than 40 minutes a night(not including 20 minutes of reading each night). If it is taking longer than a total of one hour each night, please let your me know so they can modify the work to meet his/her needs. Research shows that an increased amount of homework time does not increase student achievement.  I prefer quality time spent with your child and finding teachable moments within life experiences.  Children learn a lot within these teachable moments.  Also, practicing math facts daily with flashcards and reading with your child everyday is a  great way to help them grow in their skills.

In working on math homework in particular, please be sure your child is completing the work independently and then please review the work he/she has done and discuss any areas of need after completion.  This process allows your child to independently practice the newly taught skill and provides you with information on what you and your child need to work on at home.  I give a credit no credit grade for completed homework. Homework is provided for additional skill practice and for reinforcing responsibility and pride in your child's work.

Thank you!