**** THIS IS ONLY A WEBSITE TEMPLATE TO PROVIDE AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT I WILL PROVIDE ONCE I HAVE A CLASSROOM OF MY OWN. I will be upgrading the website to allow for the uploading of images and to provide password protection*****

Welcome to my class website!

Kindergarten is a wonderful and exciting time for students and parents alike. Sometimes the transition can be challenging but my aim is to help make it as smooth as possible. I firmly believe that parents and teachers should work together as an educational team to help provide the best solid foundation for the rest of your child's educational career. If a positive base is built for your child their success rate will sky rocket. I believe together we can help your child be the very best they can be. Communication is a key component to this partnership so I will aim to keep our communication as fluid as possible. This website is just one tool I will use to help keep you up to date on our classrooms schedule and learning plans.

This website aims to provide you with:

  • Weekly classroom focus: what theme, concepts, ideas will be targeted each week e.g Fall, Measurement, Healthy Eating
  • What activities we will be doing that week
  • Songs and/or poems we will be learning
  • Tips and tricks for things you can do at home to continue and expand your child's learning
  • Helpful links or information for promoting learning
  • A blog about our class including pictures and work samples (if permitted)
  • An area for parents to post and answer questions to myself and/or other parents
  • A resource section
  • Volunteer Schedule