Grade 7-02 Homework


Check back here regularly to keep track of math homework!!  You should expect to have math homework on a regular basis.

September 6th:  1.  Visit my website and have letter to parents signed
                  2. Purchase necessary school supplies
                  3. Return all student information sheets and student fees ASAP.

September 7th:   1.  Have math textbook covered
                   2.  Get any forms not yet complete, signed and returned
                3.  Sign up for Gizmos classes (see Gizmos section of website if you
                 forget how)

September 8th:  1. Complete lab safety poster for tomorrow
                  2.  Finish up outstanding items from first 2 days (see above)
                  3.  Finish 2 math review sheets for tomorrow

September 9th:  1. Complete 3 more math sheets
                 2.  Make sure all other items are complete I will be checking on Monday morning

September 12th:  1. There will be a safety quiz on Monday Sept 19th (safety rules and symbols)
                 2.  Try to sell your Entertainment Book!!!
                3.  Hep B shots this week
                4.  Complete sheet on safety symbols in the home

September 13th:  Math page 3 # 2,4,5,6,8

September 15th: 1. finish title page for science (solid, liquid,gas)
                  2. pages 6-7 # 6,8,9,14,16

September 16th:  1.  Finish 10 out of the 14 vocab definitions for chap 7 (pure substances and mixtures)
                2. Math page 12 # 6,7,8
                3. Don't forget the science quiz on Monday!!!

September 19th:  1. No science homework
                2. Page 13 # 10,11 and 14 in Math

September 20th:  No homework tonight!!!

September 21st:  No Homework

September 22nd:  1.  Gizmos are ready... you have a week to complete these little lessons (they close on Sept 30th)