Subject Matter




What we are learning







We have completed our Wrinkle in Time newspapers and research projects.

We are now focusing on reading poetry and will be focusing particularly on understanding and analysing the elements of poetry. We will talk a great deal and practice our fluency skills when reading poetry.


Students will continue to use their knowledge of poetry forms to create a small collection of their own poetry in a variety of forms.

Oral Communication

Students will present a self-selected poem and an original poem to the class using an appropriate rate and expression.





En francais, our poetry work is continuing to move us forward into spring.  We will be sharing the poem “J’aime et je deteste…” with a few other classes in choral speaking format, as well as working to create our own individual published version to add to the portfolio of poems we have already begun.  We will also be adding some elements of rehearsal and movement to poetry.  Our understandings of French will continue to deepen as we explore a variety of text forms and spend a little time getting to know adverbs.




April showers bring geometrical flowers!?  Yes, you’ve guessed it – the focus for Math this months is geometry.  We’ve begun our unit with some exploration of ordered pairs and mapping skills, (leading up to a treasure hunt, of course!).  Next up, we’ll continue to investigate different co-ordinate systems as well as geometrical transformations, such as translations (slides) and reflections.


Social Studies


Student have just finished learning all about local government forms and band councils. They have analysed and compared the two different types of information. Moving forward, students will begin to learn all about provincial and territorial government.





Students are learning how to play recorders using appropriate technique. Our initial focus will be on learning the notes B, A, and G and applying accompaniment with various Orff instruments.