Subject Matter




What we are learning







Students have been reading and analysing a great deal of poetry. 

Students are completing end of the year individual reading assessments and comprehension tasks.

We will end our year turning our eye toward the interesting topic of Podcasts.


Students have used their knowledge of poetry forms to create a small collection of their own poetry in a variety of forms. Our final stages have included editing and polishing, with a particular look at meter, rhyme scheme, descriptive language and metaphors and similes.

We will end our year with some short reflective writing tasks.

Oral Communication

Students will present a self-selected poem and an original poem to the class using an appropriate rate and expression.

In the final weeks, we will be creating and sharing our podcasts.





In French, we are continuing to deepen our reading skills.  We are using the context to help us understand new and exciting vocabulary and also honing our response skills by using the text and our experiences to explain our thoughts about what we’ve read.  Moving forward to the end of the year sees us working with scripts.  We will tie in our advertising unit by writing a script for an advertisement and using something we’ve read to put together an exciting market-place style performance.  As we work through this Reader’s Theater, we will have many opportunities to practice active listening and a variety of speaking scenarios.  We look forward to inviting other classes in to share in this fun presentation.





Bonjour tout le monde.  It’s June and the year seems to have flown by!  Here are some highlights as we end off our year Grade five year!  In math, we are working through some algebraic concepts, including use of variables and simple equations and expressions.  We will also be continuing to practice our collaboration skills as we review some of our concepts from earlier this year, particularly in number sense and measurement.


Social Studies


Student have just finished learning all about local government forms and band councils. They have analysed and compared the two different types of information. We have learned all about provincial and territorial government.

Moving on in the unit, we will be paying close attention to the provincial elections, look at shared levels of government services, and finally, we will take a more focused look at federal government.




Students are learning how to play recorders using appropriate technique. Our initial focus will be on learning the notes B, A, and G and applying accompaniment with various Orff instruments.

We are preparing a performance for the Volunteer Appreciation Celebration where we will collaborate with Mme Mullings class to present our own unique twists to a poetic and musical performance inspired by the poem "Tall Tale". We will end the year with new recorder games that include the notes we have already learned and introduce a few more to come.