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English Language Arts


What are reading levels?

Our school is currently using a benchmarks system called Fountas and Pinnell. The books are leveled to help students know what books are in their reading range.  Their reading range includes how many words they can read independently, fluently, and that the student has a good comprehension. The further the level of books, the more complex the text becomes.

Students are encouraged to read one level slightly above their reading level. This provides a challenge for the student, but does not become so much of a challege that reading becomes frustrating. 

In first grade, students are expected to be reading at a level C, by the end of the year and going into 2nd grade, students should be reading at a level I-J.

Where can I find books at my child's reading level?

These books can be accessed at home through our Clever student access online. One application is A-Z Reading. iRead will also be available shortly. If you need this information, I can send a new log in home with you.

If you would like to purchase a book in your child's reading range, Scholastic has a wonderful app called Book Wizard that can pull a guided reading level. This level is very close to the Fountas and Pinnell reading levels. You may also use this app to help find books to pull from your local library.




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