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Please see this week's homework here.

Students should be practicing on A-Z and IXL for 20 minutes each, twice a week.
(40 minutes each per week)

Students have differentiated spelling lists to help target spelling patterns that they are having trouble with. The prodedure with these lists is to:

1. Say the word aloud.

2. Sort the word into the correct category.

3. Write the word.


Sight Words

Students should say their sight words every day. 

For the words of the week:

Monday : Write the sight word in a sentence.
                 Capital letters and punctuation are needed.

Tuesday:  Write the words in a word pyramid.

Wednesday: Write the word 3 times in different colors.



Students typically may have a worksheet or two to accompany the current or previous week's objectives as needed.



On occasion, students will have a science project to turn in and share with the class.



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