What we do on these days

Hi again Parents and students this page is to explain what we are doing. THanks a bunch Mrs.Mabry


Monday: Is camera day and I will have my digital camera and I will be letting each student take multiple photographs. Also I will be teaching them ways to take a photograph, Parts of a camera and they will have related homework also. You or your child are not required to supply a camera but you may do so if you feel you Should.

 Tuesday: Is terrorist Day. To start off the day we will be watching a brainpop on terrorism as well as 9/11. THe graphics are mild to none. After that we will possibly be making masks and we will be trying to build twin towers out of different materials. We will also be doing group activities to support the theory that the passengers on one of the hijacked planes made them crash in a pennsylvania field so we will be showing the importance of teamwork.

Wednesday: Is Movie Day. And to start off the day we will be watching a brainpop on movies and films. Then we will be watching an uneducational film that is approximatley 1 hour and 30 minutes. After that we will probobley film short films with my video camera. And the last thing we will do is print homework coloring pages for homework on the movie we watched.

Thursday: Is occupation day. And to start off the day we will be talking about different jobs and then they will each tell me what they are interested now as being when they are an adult. THen we will talk about each job and we will give each student a chance to play with the class and there job. An example would be if they wanted to be a waiter they would pretend to serve us. And we will also be watching a brainpop on each and every students job. And to end the day for homework i will give them a fake reime for there job.

Friday: Is  Hibernation Day. And to start off our day we will be setting up our room and beds. WE will pretend to be hibernating animals and we will pretend to sleep. WE will gather food for the winter and we will also pick one animal to be and that child will research that animal and give a short report to the class on there animal. For homework they will color there animal.

                                                                            Have a Great Weekend!