Mrs. Woo's Website


Hi! My name is Monica Woo. I am married, have two kids, and two dogs. My older son's name is Anderson and just turned 2. My younger son's name is Connor and was born on July 22nd. Needless to say, I'm not getting much sleep these days and am very busy. I've decided to stay home with my boys until December. So far, I've truly enjoyed this time. The two dogs are yellow labradors named Bailey and Prudence. They are older dogs, but love their new brothers, especially snuggling with them. When I have free time, I enjoy working out, which is mostly running and biking, and I also enjoy hiking, cooking, gardening, and reading.

I am in my 8th year of teaching. My first year I taught in Warren County, Virginia, a very rural area, and I taught science. I moved back to Ohio to be closer to family and then taught for 5 years at Fairmont Kettering High School. Last year I taught 7th grade math for the first time. I am still teaching at Kettering Middle School.

A few websites I like are:,, and I'm a facebook junkie (but it also helps me stay in touch with former students)    

Favorite Teaching Experience:
I volunteered as a naturalist one spring & summer. One of my responsibilities was to give walking tours to groups of children, for example one type of walk was to search for animal homes. There wasn't a special event that stuck out; I just loved that all the kids were engaged and learning.

Most Important Learning Experience:
I took the time to learn and love calculus, and then be able to teach it to my study group. It reinforced that I'm good at math and that I can teach others a difficult concept.