Welcome to Year 6/7 Blue's Website

  Welcome to 6/7 Blue's website!

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What is the website for?

This website has been developed as a forum for the parents, guardians, students and teachers to keep up-to-date with information about the exciting learning happening in 6/7 Blue.

The units that we are currently studying include:

- Volume and Capacity

- Electricity

- Australian Immigration

- Environmental Studies (Elective) 

What can you expect to find on the website? 

Volume and Capacity: An overview of the unit, as well as some great activities that we have been doing during lesson time. 

 It's Electrifying: An overview of the unit, as well as some electrifying activities that we have been doing during science each week.

 How Well Do We Know Our Classmates?: Interesting facts about our classmates and teachers.

SOSE: Links to our SOSE tasks. 

Homework: Each weeks homework, including additional tasks/projects including their due dates.

Environmental Studies: Photographs and information about the Environmental Science elective and all the great work they are doing around our school.

Additional Links: Games, activities and information about the topics we are studying.

All About Miss Skelton: All you could possibly want to know about Miss Skelton, including some of her favourite photographs.

Who created the website? 

This website was developed by Miss Skelton, a student teacher working with 6/7 Blue for two months in term three and four. As this is a website for the students of 6/7 Blue any additions to the site are welcome- just email me your ideas (z.skelton@connect.qut.edu.au) and we will work together to make it great!



Zadeena Skelton