Volume and Capacity

  Volume and Capacity


Students come to school with early mathematical understandings developed from personal experiences with the major attributes (length and time) and potentially very little ideas of others (volume and capacity). The students of 6/7 Blue have been developing these ideas in an interactive and hands on manner for the past three weeks.

Big ideas addressed in this unit

Capacity, standard units of measurement, non-standard units of measurement, millilitres, litres, converting mL to L, converting L to mL, volume,  cubic centimetres, cubic meters.




 For the past three weeks we have been estimating and measuring capacity.

Capacity is  'the total amount of matter (solid, liquid or gas) that a container can hold'.

Or in the words of 6/7 Blue:

- 'How much a container can hold of something'

- 'Something that an object can hold'

- 'The maximum amount of space a container or object can hold in it'


How Many......
How many people can fit in a phone booth?


How many people can fit in a car?