How Well Do We Know Our Classmates?

Our class completed a 'get to know you' questionnaire and boy were there some interesting answers!


I wonder if you can guess who these people are??????

 Questionmark FaceQuestionmark FaceQuestionmark FaceQuestionmark FaceQuestionmark Face

Who in our class would like to become a palaeontologist or an archaeologist?


Whose favourite T.V. show is NCIS?


How many people in our class play an instrument?


Who would like to be a graphic designer when they grow up?


Whose dream weekend would be going to every theme park they can think of?


Whose nickname is Rangi?


Who described themself as ‘EPIC’?


Who has been to Canada, the United States of America and Thailand? (And where was my invite?)


Who in our class loves Scooby-Doo?


Who has travelled around Australia two times?


Who likes to read adventure and mystery books?


Who likes English because they ‘really like words’? (What a great reason to love English!)


Who thinks that maths is boring? (I have funny a feeling this may be more than a few)


Who would like to be a police officer when they finish school?


Who loves making movies?