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67 Blue Homework Grid Week 1 &2

Term 4 2009


Activities 1 – 4 are compulsory and must be completed by Thursday of each week.  You choose 4 optional activities as part of your homework and these are completed over the fortnight but must be completed by the second Thursday.  Ensure you have your parents/guardians sign when you have completed an activity.


Reminders: Mrs. Ferguson will be away on long service leave for the next 5 weeks and Miss Worthington will be taking her place. Miss Skelton also begins her 4 week internship and will be taking on a more active teaching role. There is a graduation meeting in the parent room Wednesday (8/10) 8am with all parents welcome to attend. We also require parent helpers for swimming Wednesdays 9:50-10:50 and Fridays 11:30-12.


Compulsory Activities:




Complete the spelling sheet Miss Worthington gave out Monday.

Paste your spelling words into your HW book in dictionary order.





Group B & C

Write out the 11 times number facts, using the four lines e.g.

6 x 1 = 6       6 - 1 = 6

Group A

Complete math’s sheet





Read each night and fill out your CROAK Book.   



Who Is An Australian?

Show your parents your task sheet and discuss what you have to do.  Decide what country you might like to research.   Spend at least 30 minutes on this task.





Optional Activities:


Physical Activity/Sports training

This can be any type of physical activity from individual to team sport.  It can be merely walking or an organized activity.


Signature: ____________



Find an image that you feel reflects Australian culture.  In your homework book glue the picture in and write a brief description of what you think Australian culture is.




Play a game

with an ADULT.  This can include outdoor games of all sorts as well as indoor pastimes.                                      

Game: _______________








Help your parents/caregivers clean the house e.g. You may vacuum and tidy the spare room or your own room.

Tell your parents to give you a rating out of 10.




Cultural/Music practice

For example:

  • Musical instrument
  • Singing
  • Dance
  • Scouts/Guides

Activity: ____________



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