Homework (homework)   
Due Date: January 20, 2012

These are the projects that 5th grade will work on with instructions and information. I will be updating this section as the year progresses. All information needed to do the project will be given in class. I will put a copy of the information here as well. 


Directions for state report 

Using your state book, your information gathering booklet, your puzzle book and map, and the encyclopedia, gather information about your state. You will pick one option from each section to complete your menu. Be creative and have fun! Your entire menu will be worth 200 points. 

Appetizer (50 points) 
A display poster for your topic
A brochure for your topic

Main Course (100 points) 

A scrapbook that includes pictures and written descriptions of your topic
A 5-paragraph report that fully describes all aspects of your topic

Dessert (50) points

Create an interactive game to play with your class about your topic
Create and perform a song or a rap about your topic
Share a food or cultural aspect of your topic with the class

Menu Item Descriptions 


Display Poster
Poster Board Size 
Must have a title 
Must have a 1" ┬Łborder
Colorful and Attractive
Typed information attached to board
Includes Pictures
No Pencil 


Tri fold 8.5 x 11 paper
Must have a title 
Includes information and pictures Colorful and attractive. Typed or written in pen 

Ex. travel brochure, destination brochure, or tour brochure 


A scrapbook is a memory album that you will create about your topic. It will include short, detailed descriptions of each, pictures and other memorabilia that you can create such as old tickets, travel information, pressed flowers, brochures, pictures, etc. You can use actual memorobelia, print items to use creatively or create them from your imagination. Please be creative! 

5 - Paragraph Report

The report will give all of the important information about your topic. Paragraph 1 will be an introduction that introduces your topic. Paragraphs 2,3 and 4 will describe different parts of your topic. Paragraph 5 will be a conclusion paragraph that sums up your information. If you choose this item, Mrs Mopecha will have more information available for you. 


Game : Create a game to teach the class about your topic, i.e. a game or soap opera.

Song or rap: you can create and perform a song for the class. You can even make a recording to share! 

Food or Cultural Item: Bring in a food or cultural item that is relevant to your topic to share with your class. You must be able to tell why your item relates to your topic in detail.

"To understand a man, you must know his memories. The same is true of a nation." 
- Anthony Quayle

Project 2: Tea at the Whitehouse (homework)   
Due Date: May 11, 2012

Presidents report -200points

-Choose a president and be that character for a day. You will present as him or her speaking in the first person singular " I am George W Bush .........." 

Details will be comimg soon.