5th Grade Social Studies


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Welcome to the 5th grade Social Studies page! Here you will find information to help you navigate your social studies year. This year we will focus on The United States, United States History and its people. 

It will be a wild adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions About 5th Grade Social Studies

What should I bring to class with me daily?

You should always have your social studies notebook, your book(that moves from class to class),a folder or binder, a pen or a pencil, a colored pen (other than blue or black) for correcting homework, any homework assignment that is due, and colored pencils/crayons. Please remember that after Friday, October 21st, you will not be allowed to return to your classroom or your backpack to get the needed materials. Being without materials on a regular basis will lead to a loss of points towards your grade. 

Where do I put my end of section questions?

End of section questions that are done in each lesson of the chapter reading should be all together in your social studies notebook. This is also where notes for the chapter should go. You should keep them all together and refer back to them when studying because this is where a lot of the questions for tests will come directly from. 

What is my 1" Binder/folder for?

The 1" binder or folder will be for handouts, worksheets and activities that we do throughout the year starting with the Colonial Unit. The binder or folder should be kept by you. But you have the choice to choose what you will like to put in your portfolio which stays in the classroom on the designated shelf. I will give you what to lable the 5 tabs with shortly. 

Where do I keep my Social Studies Book?

Your Social Studies book should be kept by you at all time except when I collect them for grading. Please remember to have your name on the front of your book cover as well as inside of the book. You are responsible for your own book. 


This is a tenative list of the units that we will be working on this year. You will recieve updated information at the beginning of each unit. 

Map skills

Geography of the United States
-states and capitals 

US Politics and Government/Canidates for AZ Senate/Kids Voting

Colonial Era

Revolutionary War 

Expansion West 

Civil War

Immigration to the US