Behavior Management System


Behavior Management System

Behavior Management System

In conjunction with our classroom economy, our classroom will be using a behavior pocket chart to monitor classroom behavior.  Each student will have a slot on our behavior chart. In each slot will be five color cards (blue, green, yellow, orange, red).  Each student will start with blue at the beginning of each day.  The chart below explains the process.

Color Code



Behavior Grade



None!   Way to Go!!

S   (100%)




S   (80%)



Complete Behavior Slip for the day, pay $5 fine.

N   (60%)



Parents contacted about behavior through note or phone call, complete Behavior Slip for the day, and pay $10 fine.

N   (50%)

Red   **Severe** (See below for Severe Clause)


Discipline Referral, Parents contacted by phone, pay $20 fine.

N   (40%)

Each time a student moves to the next color card (green, yellow, orange, red), he/she will be required to fill out a BEHAVIOR

SLIP. Each behavior slip sent home MUST be signed by the parent/guardian and returned the very next day.  If a student fails to turn in the behavior slip the next day, he/she will automatically lose a privilege for the day.  There is NO EXCEPTION to this policy.  Students areEXPECTED to be responsible for the notes sent home.  If the behavior slip is still not turned in by the second day, the student will have to call home to explain what has happened.

If a student fails to turn in an assignment when it is due, they will automatically be sent to the next color card  (Example: If on Green, the student will move to Yellow.). Completing all assignments on time is EXPECTED in fifth grade. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS

to the homework policy. Refer to homework section for consequences and awards for turning/not turning in homework for more information concerning this policy

Severe Clause


 The severe clause goes into effect when a student demonstrates severe behaviors such as verbal and/or physical abuse to a fellow student or teacher. If this should happen, the student skips all other levels of color and automatically is sent to red. They will then be issued a discipline referral. The administrator will determine the consequence for the behavior. The student’s conduct grade will be given a “N” (40%) for the day.

Behavior Rewards

Individual Behavior Reward:


Each day that a student has not had to move to green, he/she will receive $1 in Mrs. Mopecha’s dollars. Refer to Classroom Economy for more information regarding Mopecha’s dollar. Once a student has accumulated five (5) days in a row of perfect behavior, they will receive $10. If this continues for the whole month, the student will receive $50 in Mopecha’s dollars.

Group Behavior Rewards:

At the end of each day, a group will receive a marble in their marble jar when the whole group has remained on Blue for the whole day. Every four and half weeks, the group with the most marbles will be able to have some free time. At the end of the nine week grading period, the group with the most marbles will get to have a surprise party in the classroom. Day, date, and item chosen will be announced.