* Weekly homework packets are handed out Monday and are to be completed 
outside of school. They are to be corrected by an adult at home or at 
after-school. Weekly homework is due the following Monday. I will send 
home a weekly progress report every Friday alerting you to your child's 
progress in school.  I will also have in-class work samples if parents are 
curious as to their child's progress.  I want to stress that I 
value family time. If you feel that homework is adversely affecting your 
child, please come and see me so that we can work something out.

*Thematic Projects will also be assigned once a
Month. This will be counted toward the homework grade. The
projects will be science, art, or social studies based and always be
standards based.

*Weekly Homework usually consists of Math, Spelling Options, 
and writing of some kind. 

*Please send the homework folder to school everyday so I can 
send important notices and messages home on a daily basis.

*Field Trip slips due the following day.