Our Classroom Website


*Have you joined ClassDojo yet? If not, please let me know!  It's a free app and 
website that you can easily access at home or on your phone!  This will be my primary way 
of communicating with parents this year.

*Please bring school supplies, emergency card, and other paperwork by 
Friday, August 19.

*Would you like to order scholastic  books online?


*Aloha Parents!

I am anticipating a productive and exciting school year! I am looking 
forward to getting to know you and your child. My goal is to make each day 
at school an engaging, productive, and fun experience! I have found that as 
students accomplish daily goals and work in motivating groups with their 
peers and myself, their happiness and success in school increases. I value 
students who come to school prepared to learn and demonstrate good citizen 
ship and effort in all area. As a class, we will construct our own rules. 
These rules will be explicit, explained, and visible for all to see. It is 
expected that students will follow our classroom and school rules for their 
own safety and to maintain a healthy and successful learning environment for 
all. There are various consequences for students who choose not to follow 
our rules, typically missing fun privileges. Children who follow our rules 
and are ready to complete daily tasks and assignments will enjoy additional 
fun activities throughout the week. We will also work together as a class to 
receive points for working together to make good choices. A class reward 
will be obtained when the class reaches its goal of consistently being on 
task, working co-operatively, and being prepared. These behavior systems are 
an important part of our classroom and help promote responsibility and 
accountability in my students. Your help and praise at home will encourage 
their hard work at school. I will share more information in the weeks to 
come and during Back to School Night in early October. I hope you are as 
excited about the school year as I am!