I have been a kindergarten teacher in Pennsylvania and in Florida for the over the past 15 years.  It is so exciting to work with boys and girls as they enter school for the first time.   With a degree in music education and as a musician I am able to make the class musically fun and exciting.  My experience  on a tennis team and as a swimmer show me how important it is to be sure that the boys and girls get exercise and fresh air every day.  My travels abroad enable me to enhance the opportunity for learning about the world, and we will take virtual field trips right here in our classroom.  Love of family, friends and our pets allow me to assist the children in showing their respect and love for their parents and sibblings, and for their classmates too.  My love of knitting and sewing give me ideas for art and craft projects.  And my passion for gardening gives me a background for helping the children learn about and enjoy nature.


I hope the students in class have as much fun as I will this year in kindergarten.Kiss