Schedule of Day in Class





  Good Morning Boys and Girls   

      (Parents,  this page is for you so that you know where your child is at different times of the day.)

8:45-9:10:  Students enter class, unpack backpack  and go for breakfast.

                Those in class may play with blocks, read books, color.

9:15-9:25:  Morning announcements on television.

9:25-9:40:  Whole group on carpet, morning story, Calendar activities,morning songs, prepare for center rotations.  (four groups of five children each)

9:40-10:00: Teacher directed reading center 

10:00-10:20: Computer center

10:20-10:40: Assistant directed  manipulative activity (play dough, paint, math manipulatives etc.)

10:40-11:00:  Independent Activity

11:00-11:20: Break, physical exercise, use rest room

11:20-11:40: Whole group on carpet, Science/ Social studies concept for week-learn related song, read related stories, prepare for group work on related activity.

11:45-12:15: Lunch

12:15-12:25:  Return to class, prepare to go outside to play.

12:25-12:45: Outside Play

12:50-1:40:  Math lesson-begin whole group, practice whole group, go to seat for independent practice.

1:40-2:10: Special of the day:   Mon.-Art:   art   Tue.-P.E.:   Wed.-Safety Officer:Dare officer    Thur.- PE:                                                           Fri- Computer Lab. comp.

2:10-2:20: Return to room, rest room break, sing physically active song (ex. Head and shoulders, knees,and toes)

2:20-2:45: Whole group on carpet, wrap up, review day, explain homework, read story, play game (like Simon Says), sing songs.


2:45-2:55:  Pack back packs, prepare for dismissal. 


2:55: Leave classroom for assigned dismissal areas  (Bus Room 15)     (Parent Pick up Room 12)  

(Walkers to Media Center.)