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Here are some Easter Eggs from Mortal Kombat 11

Fans of adventure games like Mortal Kombat, know there are some underlying secrets. Anyone who manages to acquire these tricks can find an edge over their opponents. The new version which is now out also has some such secrets. Though the number is not high in comparison to its predecessors, yet having a hang of these might well aid you in the journey. Let us introduce you to some of them. My friend has suggested me to buy game servers from Fragnet Networks AB.

Most of the experienced player knows, performing mercies is one of the essential aspects in the game for elevating the score. Furthermore, it also has added benefits like offering more hearts for spending on Forge items. These items are inevitable for opening Krypt chests. For the unversed, you must perform them to open the keys. However, there isn’t any tutorial on the procedure of performing the above operation. Here is the secret. First, demolish your enemy till you see the “Finish Him” screen. Hold the L2 or specific keys depending on your console. You will notice although your enemy also regains some health, you will feel more powerful. Watch online videos on Battlefield 4 dedicated servers hosting providers before buying.


With games like Mortal Kombat, it is highly unlikely; you would want to spend time reading the tutorial. The eagerness of jumping into action will take over your reins. However, you must spend some quality time reading the tutorial. Consider it as the launching pad for your ultimate success in Mortal Kombat 11. Soon, you will realize, it has the prospects of unearthing elements that you could have never found out if you start playing it right away. Unlike the previous versions of Mortal Kombat, where the stage fatalities were more commonplace, the newer version does not offer the same convenience. Here, you have a stage, where you must use the interactive moose head. It will let you toss the weapon towards your enemy to deliver the killer blow.

While playing the Towers of Time, you will often come across Boss battle campaigns. It requires some preparation before you combat those bosses. Rest assured, they are more or less invincible, and you hardly stand a chance in front of them. Here again, lies the significance of reading the tutorial. You will learn a lot on the ways to get the better of these bosses. Lastly, do not overlook the AI battle section. You will learn a lot of moves and understand which inventory to use for overcoming the enemy.