Pamela Carlton's Class Website

Greetings Everyone

My name is Pamela Carlton. I am currently a Pre- Kindergarten Teacher for North Carolina Pre- Kindergarten Program. I have been working with children for almost four years now. Teaching has become a passion for me. When I first started off teaching, I did not think this was the right occupation for me, until I realized that there are so many children in our society today that needs postitive and energetic individuals to reach out to students. I love teaching and helping students any way I can.

I graduated form Fayetteville State Univeristy with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I was a honor student and pledge Delta Sigma Theta, INC. Since graduation I have obtains my Early Childhood Credentials, Early Childhood Certificate, and in the process of getting my teacher license for birth to kindergarten. After I received my license I plan to go back and further my education in Speical Needs or School Counseling. My dream is to one day move back home and open my own Daycare. It is always a good idea to go back and make a difference in your community.

I enjoy working with pre- kindergarten students because this is the beginning point for most students. I want to be a teacher that my students will remember and have a ENORMOUS impact on thier life. I hope I will be ond make a difference in our society and be well know for making a change and difference!!!!