Top 20 Movies for Girl's Night

Girl's night is one of my favorite nights of the month, once a moth we all get together and watch a movie and gossip like crazy. The movies we watch range in variety, but the significance of each is unique. This night symbolizes your freedom after having children, and what better way than to watch a love story or anything with cute guys. I have compiled a list of movies to watch onĀ 1234movies for this night and any other get together. This list is in no particular order.

1) Lake House- This movie is a cute love story about a man and woman who fall in love with each other two years apart, and have to find a way to be together in the present.

2) Just Like Heaven- I loved this one. It is about a woman who haunts a man, who happens to be her true love and the only one who can save her.

3) Catch and Release- Jennifer Garner plays a woman who has lost the love of her life. And in her journey to find out who he really is, she finds another love in an unexpected place.

4) The Departed- This one was awesome. I love watching hot guys battle it out, not to mention it has a lot of twist and turns to keep you on your toes.

5) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days- This romantic comedy is hilarious. Usually woman are trying to keep the guy after ten days.

6) Walk The Line- Reese is one of my favorite actresses and I love Johnny so it works out pretty well.

7) Titanic- Yes it is a bit cheesy to have picked this one, but who can resist this love story.

8) Rumor Has It- Jennifer Aniston is perfect for this part, she plays a woman who slept with a man who slept with her mother and grandmother. That's a mouthful!

9) Message In A Bottle- This is every woman's fantasy, find a man as good looking and sweet as Kevin Costner.

10) Beaches- This brilliant story about two best friends and the struggles throughout their friendship is a masterpiece.

11) Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants- I like this one because the storyline and characters had me in all sorts of emotional states.

12) Pretty Woman- The classic trick gone classy. Julia is amazing with Richard Gere in this movie.

13) Moulin Rouge- Is one of my favorites, because of the singing. And Ewan is adorable in this movie. I also don't mid a tragic end to a love story every once in a while. It shows the reality in life.

14) Steel Magnolias- Is another amazing classic, the variety of characters is a good choice. As well as the different scenarios in each characters lives.

15) The Holiday- Can I get me one of those rentals, preferably with the cute brother in the package. This is a cute movie about a strange way to find love.

16) Cruel Intentions- Well, I cant say I have been through this before. But the I love a movie with the one person that is a total witch, then they get what they deserve.

17) The Notebook- First of all I love movies that are set in the time period that this one is. I also think that reunited love is one of the best kinds.

18) The Family Stone- Have you ever met a couple that met through the former spouse, and are still friends. I think that this movie is so funny, and I love that the girls ended up with a different person when they left than when they came.

19) A Walk To Remember- This movie is by far the hardest one I cried through. It is almost impossible to change a man, but then Mandy's character succeeds and doesn't get to live to enjoy it.

20) Brokedown Palace- Would you give up your chance at freedom to save your best friend? This tale of friendship is the sweetest yet.

No matter what the occasion, a movie is a sure way to have fun with the girls. So try a different one each time, and you would be surprised what movies you actually like. I have a habit of finding movies I've never heard of and loving them, so try a movie you have never heard of from time to time.