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Niceville High School




My name is Mrs. Michelle Peters and I am a student teacher. This website is designed to be a resource for my educational learning experience and serve as one of my assignment completions to create a teacher webpage. This website’s webpage is currently just a test webpage used for practice only. Once I become a permanent teacher I plan to develop a more detailed website.

All Viewers: This website will cover brief information on Ms. Gina Emerys class (this is my student mentor).

Ms. Emery is a Science teacher at Niceville High School that teaches Biology Honors. Provided from her course syllabus is a brief outline of her

Course Description: "The purpose of this course is to provide an accelerated biological science curriculum with integrations and opportunities to investigate the theories and ideas associated with the life science."

Ms. Emery’s Expectations and Academic Integrity:

  • Class goal- spend class and homework time dedicated to the pursuit of learning Biology!
  • Students are expected to be prepared when they come to class.
  • Students are encouraged to study together but not to copy from each other (students caught copying from one another will both or all students involved receive a zero for the assignment.)

Discipline and Make-Up Policy:

Wikispace is the website that will be used to post information about tests, quizzes, homework, and make up assignment’s (notes on the class discussion of the day may also be provided on this site).