Greetings and Welcome to  SCIENCE COUGAR EXPRESS!!!!

I am your host Mr. Allen and this website is for students to obtain information from my classes that they may have missed or need further information on.  In and around this site you will have access to Powerpoints and audio lectures that you may have missed as well as homework assignments, class syllabus, and links to websites that I think you will find to be beneficial to class lecutres and assignments.   I will also post extra assignments for those students wanting to further your intuitive minds and you will be able to find different scholarship and internship opportunties.  If you have any questions please do not heisitate to shoot me a message on Edmodo and I encourage you all to join Edmodo and join your class's group to get on the spot help as I will spend much of my time on their also adding lessons and powerpoints so that you will have access to help at all times.  REMEMBER YOU CAN NOT RISE TO LOW EXPECTATIONS, THOSE WHO SAY THEY CAN AND THOSE WHO SAY THEY CAN'T ARE BOTH RIGHT SO WHICH ONE ARE YOU!!!!!! GO COUGARS!!!!!!