Mr. Brendon Allen

Biology Course Syllabus

 2012-2013 School Year

Zebulon B. Vance High School


Course Description:  This course is designed to give the students understanding in the broad spectrum of biology that covers everything from the smallest unit of life to the entire biosphere upon which we live.  It is also designed to build upon previous knowledge of biology that students have already learned and to open their minds to brand new levels of biology which also incorporates projects, test, exams, and lab reports.


Prerequisite:  Earth and Environmental Science


Semester Grading:  Grades are based upon the entire semester.  Once a quarter ends, grades do not start over.  This helps students and parents predict the grade the student will receive at the end of the semester.  Students from the start of class have an “A” it is the responsibility to maintain that A by completing all work correctly and on time.  The grading is broken down as follows:






Final Exam




Classwork, Homework, Participation, Quizzes, Unit Tests

*1st Quarter (25%)

*2nd Quarter (25%)

*Unit Tests are 60% of quarter












69 and below






Class work:  The main focus of leaning in class is ACTIVE LEARNING through the use of projects, activities, journal entries, labs, and interactive Promethean boards.  All class work must be legible to the teacher.  If the teacher can’t read it, the student will receive no credit and must rewrite the entire assignment in order to receive some credit.  All labs need to be completed using the scientific method and all students must qualify in a Lab qualification test and experiment in order to participate in further labs.  If the student fails to qualify then the student must redo BOTH the lab qualification test and experiment until he/she passes it.


Homework:  Students will be given assignments from the text every night for homework in addition to defining the root words given for the specific chapter.  All homework must be written and legible for the teacher or the student will not receive credit.


Mid-Term and Final Exam:  There is one midterm and final for the semester.  They are comprised of multiple choice questions and essay style questions.  Along with the Exams students must take and pass the End of Course tests in order to move on to the next level.  Students must pass the EOC with a score of 3 out of 5 to be considered passing.


Test & Quizzes:  Test shall be multiple choice, quizzes shall be essay style.  Test will cover the unit that is being covered as well as previous units as a refresher.  Quizzes will be specific to the current chapter.


Cheating:  Cheating is defined as using another students work from a previous year or this year, copying another students work, looking at another students test, allowing another student to copy from your test, having access to any cheat sheet (on paper, on desk, written on self, anywhere), talking or passing notes during tests, use of cell phone, text messaging, and copying or pasting work from the internet and other published material without citing sources.  Cheating will be reported to the administration, parents will be called and the student will receive and F for that assignment or test, Once a student has been caught cheating the student will not receive anymore multiple choice questions for the remainder of the semester


Common Laws of Commandments in the Classroom (CLCC):

  1. Show respect to:  Yourself, your peers, all classroom equipment, your school and your teacher.
  2. No sexual, drug, violent, or inappropriate language or topics
  3. This is a lab so no food, drinks, gum, or phones (exceptions maybe made later to coincide with BYOT (bring your own technology))
  4. Stay on task and in your seat and raise your hand to be recognized


Repercussions of Classroom Disruption (RCDs):

  1. 1st Offense:  Warning-Verbal warning (only one per week)
  2. 2nd Offense:  A rule written assignment will be given to the student based on both the CLCC and the Code of Conduct, and the rule will be written by the student and have it signed by the parent if the student fails to do either the assignment or have it signed the Offense 3 and 4 may be initiated.
  3. 3rd Offense:  Parent-Teacher Conference Initiated
  4. 4th Offense:  Referral to the student’s principal and a Discipline Action Plan initiated


Discipline Plan:  The discipline plan is for students to explain in detail what they did wrong (responsibility), understand which rule they broke, and explain their excuse while creating their own solution.  All Discipline plans are signed and dated and submitted to the teacher.  The three questions of the action consist of:  1) What is the problem 2) What’s causing the problem (Please list factors)? 3) How will you solve the problem so it does not repeat?




Student Pledge of Responsibility and Accountability:

  1. Keep track of your OWN assignments
  2. Complete your work on time and to make it legible
  3. Ask for help when you need it
  4. Do your OWN work
  5. Accept responsibility of your grade and consequences
  6. To follow all rules outlined in the Code of Conduct Handbook and Mr. Allen’s CLCCs.


Class Procedures:

  1. Students enter the classroom quietly and go straight to their desks.
  2. Students must have a pencil/pen and paper out on desk before bell rings.
  3. When the bell rings, students must be at their disk working on the Catalyst exercise.
  4. When teacher raises his hand, students stop what they are doing and look at the teacher quietly.  Teacher will count how long the class takes to get quiet for every second is a minute the teacher will make the class stay after to make up that time lost.
  5. All papers should be documented with students name, class, period, date, and be documented according to the GLP practices.
  6. Students must raise their hand and get permission to speak or get out of their seat.
  7. Students get TWO bathroom passes per semester.
  8. All homework assignments will be posted on
  9. On assembly days, students will walk directly and quietly with the teacher and come back to class quickly and quietly after the assembly.
  10. Teacher dismisses the class at the end of the period, not the bell.

Excused absence:  All homework is provided in the semester outline and is due the day the student is back.  Students will be required to do a make up activity on days they miss and have one week to complete the activity.  Any unexcused absence will require a parent teacher conversation.  Students have until the next day after they return to bring in an excuse.

Lab Safety:  Students must behave safely in the classroom/Lab environment.  Proper protection will be required for each student to participate in the lab.  If the student does not have the proper materials the student cannot participate in the physical aspect of the lab but will be able to observe and participate with the group as a recorder or provide feedback to the group.  The students will be required to pass a lab safety and GLP test and be considered Scientist in Mr. Allen’s class and will lead different projects to show leadership, pedagogical, and public speaking skills.  All of which benefit the student for College and Career Readiness components.















Please sign and return this page of the handout, it needs to be signed by the student and the parent, and returned to the teacher on or before Wednesday to receive a 100% homework grade.  Parents please ask your child to review the syllabus with you at


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