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Cardio Warmups                 Stretch Routine                        Strength Warmup
Light Jog                                      Reach up for the Sky                                Toe Raises
Sprint                                          Morning Stretch                                        Squats
Skips                                             Shoulder Rolls                                          Toe Touches
Cherry-Pickers                            Side Bends                                                  Trunk Twists
Butt-Kicks                                    Reach for Toes                                          Crunches
Kick-Steps                                    Balance Stretch                                          Leg Raises
High Knees                                   Calf Stretch                                               Scissors
Side-Step                                      Butterfly Stretch                                       Bicycle
Gallop                                          Downward Dog                                           Push-ups                
Backward Jog                             Snake                                                           Supermans
Grapevine                                                                                                          Raise the Roof
Grip - Finger on Laces Thumb Underneath, Point Facing Partner
Basic Throw-  Turn to Side, Go Back Leg, Weight on Back Leg, Aim with other Arm, Eye Contact, Shoulder and Body Weight Rocks Back, Shift Weight Foreward, Turn Shoulders, Extend Arm, Flick Wrist, Point at Partner
Basic Catch- Face Partner, Make a Diamond Target With Hands, Fingers spread out and Up, Eye Contact, Move To Ball, Look Ball into Hands, Light Squeeze, Bring into Body, Tuck Away, Diamond over Waist, Pinkies together Under Waist
Turn Around Catch-  Face Away from Partner, Quarterback Calls: Ready Set Turn, Reciever Turns Starting with Head and Body will Follow, Hands up over Face, Locate Ball, Catch Light Squeeze, Tuck Away, Switch Positions, Turn to Right and Left
Run And Catch-  Quarter Back Calls Ready Set Go, Reciever Runs To Spot Turns Around and Shows Reciever Hands, Quarterback Waits to See Hands then Throws, Reciever Looks Ball In to Hands and Tucks it Away Close to Body 
Ball Control 
Toe Taps - Place Bottom of Foot on Top of Ball with Little to Light Pressure to Keep Ball from Moving, Take Foot that is on Top of Ball and Put it Back on the Ground while Lifting other Foot and Placing it on Top of Ball again with Little to Light Pressure. Repeat Process while Increasing Speed and Adding a Hop from one foot to the other and Moving Around Ball Clockwise and Counterclockwise.
Juggling - Place Ball in Between Legs, Keep Ball in Contact with One Leg and Separate the other Leg and Place Foot on the Ground, Shift Weight to Leg thats Separated and Lift leg in contact with Ball, Use Instep of Foot to Lightly Tap Ball to other Foot that is on the Ground, Place Foot that Tapped Ball on Ground, Lift Leg of Other Foot and use  instep to Control Ball, Using Same Technique Pass Ball Back to Original Foot, Increase Speed and Add Hop from one foot to the other Moving Around Clockwise and Counterclockwise.
Basic Passing - Stop  Trap Control And Pass - Facing Partner Control Ball in Front of Body, Take Step with Non-Kicking Leg and place it Next to Ball, Lift Kicking Leg to Rear and Lightly Strike Ball using Instep, Partner Receiving ball will Stop the Ball using the Instep to lightly absorb it or Locate and Time the Ball and Quickly and Lightly Place Bottom of Foot on Ball to Stop And Control, Switch Kicking Feet and Receiving Feet Increasing Speed and Power.
Basic Passing - Passing Ball without Stopping (one timer) -  Student will use Instep to Pass Ball to Partner and Partner will Locate and Time Ball and Use Instep to Kick Ball back to Partner without Stopping or Trapping it.
Goal Shooting
Basic Shooting - Place Ball in Front of Body, Take Hop Step Toward Ball with Non Kicking Leg, At the Same Time Lift Kicking Leg Behind You, When Non Kicking Leg has Landed on Ground Kicking Leg should Swing Forward and Extend towards Ball, Keep Head down and Eyes on Ball while Kicking Leg Contacts Ball with Instep and Swings and Extends Forward Toward Target, Head and Eyes should follow Ball During Entire Motion to Assist with Accuracy.
Basic Punting - Hold Ball With Hands Extend Arms in Front of Body, Take Step Forward with non Kicking Leg, while Taking Step Forward Release Ball at Legs Distance, Kicking Leg will Swing and Extend Forward With Toes Pointed Forward Striking Ball with Top of Foot and Swinging and Extending Forward and Up.
Basic Throw -Ins - Hold Ball With Both Hands Behind Head, Lightly Arch or Swing Upper Torso Back, Take a Step Forward Staying Behind the Line and Dragging other Foot Behind, Flex Torso Forward while Lifting and Extending Ball Over Front of Head and Releasing Towards Target.  
Stance - Ball in Dominant Hand, Opposite Arm Out and Comfortably Bent at 90 Degrees, Eyes Up, Keep Ball to Dominant Side of Body, Keep Away from Defender, Keep Ball on Dominant Side of Body and Defender on other Side of Body.
Dribbling - Ball in Dominant Hand, Extension of Arm Towards Ground, Flick of Wrist, Power Comes From Wrist, Control Comes From Finger Pats, While Dribbling use Finger Pats to Control, Do not Contact with Palm, Push Down with Arm Don’t Slap, Ball should Bounce Waist High, Body can Bounce with Ball.
V-Dribble (Crossover) - Place Ball in Dominant Hand, Bounce Ball in Front of Body Angling Towards other Hand, Keep Eyes Up, While Ball is Bouncing Sway Body and Position towards side to Receive Ball.
Chest Pass - Hold Ball Close to Chest Hands on Either Side of Ball, Elbows Out, Fingers Towards the Top of Ball, Thumbs Toward the Ground,  Step Towards Target Extend Arms Toward Target, Flick Away With Wrists.
Bounce Pass - Similar To Chest Pass, Hold Ball Close to Chest, Step Towards Target, Push Towards Ground Bounce 3/4 of Way to Partner, Extend Arms and Push Ball Away from Body, Do not Dunk Down.
Over Head Pass - Use When Target is Far Away, Hold Ball With Both Hands Behind Head, Lightly Arch or Swing Upper Torso Back, Take a Step Forward Towards Target, Flex Torso Forward while Lifting and Extending Ball Over Front of Head and Releasing Towards Target.
One Handed Overhead Pass - Hold Ball Nest To Head, Rotate Arm So Wrist is Facing Target, Step in Direction of Target, Extend Arm Up and Out, Flick With Wrist for Accuracy.
One Handed Pass Off Dribble - When Hand Contacts Ball on Upwards Bounce, Step in Direction of Target, Extending Arm and Flicking Wrist.
One Handed Bounce Pass Off Dribble - When Hand Contacts Ball on Upwards Bounce, Step in Direction of Target, Extending Arm Towards Ground and Bouncing Ball to Target.
Basketball Shooting
Basic Shot - B.E.E.F. - Balance, Eyes, Elbows, Follow Through.
BALANCE - Feet are Comfortably Apart, Toes Pointed at Rim, Bent Knees, Body Facing the Rim.
EYES - Eyes are Focused on Part of Rim Closest to You.
ELBOW - Shooting Hand is Underneath the Ball with Wrist Towards Backboard Rim, Fingers are Spread Out and Pointed towards Body, Ball is Located Next to Head, Elbow is at 90 Degrees, Non Shooting Hand is Located on Side of Ball Assisting with Control. 
FOLLOW THROUGH - Spring up from Ground Up, Jump without Leaving the Ground, Use Energy from Pushing Feet and Legs Against Ground, Keep Energy Moving Up Straighten Legs, Keep Energy through Torso and Through Shooting Arm, Extend Shooting Arm Upwards and Release Non-Shooting Hand From Ball, Flick Shooting Hand Wrist Forward Towards Rim, Finger Pats Should Be the Last Part of Body to Contacting Ball, Create Backspin With Finger Pats to Achieve Shooters Role on and Around Rim
Jump Shot - Extension of B.E.E.F involving a Hop while Shooting 
Layup - Start out Diagonally Away from Rim and Backboard Box, Dribble with Outside Hand Toward Rim Where Backboard Box Meets Rim, Step Hop once Inside Lane with Inside Foot, Lifting Knee Up which will Help Lift Body, While Step occurs Bring Ball into Body and Hold with Both Hands for Control, While Hop occurs Hold Ball in Dribbling Hand Extend Arm Up and Flick Wrist with Ball Towards Backboard Box Bouncing it Softly into Rim.
Basic Setting - Setting is used when volleyball is approaching body over the shoulders, Move to Ball, Position Underneath Centering Along Midline Of Body, Hands Over Head, Elbows Bent Away from Midline,Using Thumb and Index finger Make a Diamond Over Head without Connecting Fingers, Head Up, Eyes Facing Finger Diamond,
-Absorb Ball on the way Down with Fingers and Wrists, Bending Elbows
-Once Ball is Controlled with Fingers and Wrists Extend Arms Upwards Flicking Wrists and Pushing Ball Up and Away from Body
Bumping/Digging - Bumping is used when volleyball is approaching the body below the shoulders.  Move to Ball, Positioning Along the Midline of Body, Extend Arms Away from Body, Palms Up, Place Dominant Hand over Non Dominant Hand, Line up Fingers so that Pinky of Dominant Hand is Lined up with Base of Fingers of Non Dominant Hand, Close Hands so that Wrists Touch and Thumbs come Together, Point Thumbs Down Extending Elbows Creating a Flat Surface Along Forearm, Feet and Legs are Comfortably Apart Bent at Knees, Ball Should Contact Forearm, Upon Contact Bent Knees Should Straighten And Arms should Slightly Bump Ball into the Air.