My Classroom

 Social Studies 

Grades 7-12

My room is focused on the students. A well organized room is easier for students to be comfortable in.


 Classroom Policies and Procedures:

1.  Hand-in Bin: 


  • Each class has a bin to hand in work either early or the day it is due. 
  • These bins will be emptied every day at the beginning of class.
  • They are located on the table just in front of my desk. 
2. Late Bin:
  • Each class has a bin to turn in work that is late. 
  • These bins are emptied every Friday. 
3. Hand-out Folders:
  • Daily work organized in folders passed around the room for the students to get their work back.
4. Student Numbers: 
  • Each student is given a classroom number
  • These numbers are used on all daily work along with their name
  • They are also used to assign random groups for group work and to simplify seating charts 



 Classroom Rules: in addition to school rules

1. Students must have their own planner to be signed if they wish to leave the classroom.

2.  All students are to remain seated until dismissed.




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