Science Links

Science Links

Recommended Apps/Sites
SkyView (go to App store) - View the stars, planets, and satellites
GoISSWatch (go to App store)- See where the Internation Space Station is located right now.
NASA Live Stream (link) - Live video from the Internation Space Station (ISS)

Zingy Learning 

Physical Science
Chem4Kids - Atoms, Molecules, and Periodic Table
WebElements  - Periodic Table
Chemical - interactive Periodic Table
Sheppard Software - Elements and Periodic Table Games
FunBrain  - Periodic Table Game
Physics4Kids - click on Electricity and Magnetism
neoK12  - Electricity
Science Kids - Chemistry games, experiments, info

Life Science
ScienceNetLinks - Interactive "Body Systems"
ScienceNetLinks - Interactive "Classification of Plants and Animals"
ScienceNetLinks - Interactive "Zap" - can you beat Mr. Bourne's time of 0.508 seconds? - Human Body Systems
DiscoveryKids - Your Gross and Cool Body
Biology4Kids - Animals, Plants
Kid's Corner - Animal Classification
neoK12 - Plants
Geography4Kids - Consumers, producers, decomposers, food chain

Earth Science
Geography4Kids - All Earth sciences
The Science Spot 
National Hurricane Center 
The Weather Channel 
Weather Underground - Tropical weather, hurricanes
 - Everything space
Kids - Solar System - Planets
neoK12 - Earth

Links to ALL Sciences