Biographical Sketch of Mr. Watson

            The following biographical sketch is to document the early life of Robert Bradley Watson. The proceeding biography will focus on

Mr. Watson’s birth, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, as well as the present life of Mr. Watson.

            Robert Bradley Watson was born in the small town of Springfield, Tennessee located in Robertson County. When Brad was born, it

was discovered that he had fluid around the frontal and rear lobe of his brain medically labeled as an arachnoid cyst. Brad was diagnosed with

cerebral palsy due to the arachnoid cyst around his brain. Due to the cerebral palsy Brad experienced delays in development such as walking

and reflexes, but more specifically affecting his fine motor skills. Going through elementary school, Brad was given periods of physical and

psychological therapy to improve upon his fine motor skills. During the physical therapy, Brad underwent activities such as walking up and

down stairs, catching a ball, as well as assessments involving his dexterity.

 As Brad transitioned from elementary to middle school, there were improvements that were achieved in his fine motor skills through the

physical therapy he received.

            Brad faced and triumphed over the challenge of having a disability, however Brad would now face more extreme circumstances as he

went through much tragedy in his teenage years. Brad lost his father due to chronic heart failure. Two years after the death of Brad’s father,

Brad would also lose his mother after she had succumbed to her battle with cancer. At age fifteen and both parents deceased, Brad was

placed in the care of the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home located in Brentwood, Tennessee. Brad was placed with what the children’s

home classified as “house parents”. There were also seven additional children in the same home comprising of four girls and four boys. The

house was divided by a “girls end” and a “boys end” of the house. Brad and his seven house mates spent sixteen days with their house

parents. After sixteen days Brad and his seven house mates packed up four days worth of belongings and rotated to what the children’s

home classified as the “relief house” and stay with the “relief house parents” for a four day period and then returned to the original house

and house parents. The rotation was an ongoing cycle of rotating from house to relief house and packing and unpacking which Brad endured

for a time period of four years.

            Upon completion of high school, Brad attended college at Nashville State Community College where he received his Associate of

Applied Science degree in Marketing. Brad also attended college at Belmont University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Liberal

Studies and Business Administration.

            Brad’s career path was revealed to him while as a junior in high school; Brad began teaching preschool aged children in Sunday school

at Clearview Baptist Church. Brad would not realize this was his destined career path till years later. Brad had set his eyes on a career in the

business world. It had seemed this dream had come true when he obtained a full-time job with company he was sure he would retire from,

however with the economy in a rough condition, Brad was laid off and it was during this period of transition that Brad finally realized his

destiny was to work in the business world but was to work in the education field educating and making a difference in the lives of children

due to teaching Sunday school and having the parents of the children in his class that he should consider becoming a teacher. Brad finally

took their advice which has led to his current path in life which is pursuing his Master of Arts degree in Teaching.

              From birth till adulthood, Brad Watson has faced many trials and tribulations but no matter what hurdle Brad has had to go through

or whether his life experience was negative or positive, Brad has persevered and through his determination and persistence, Brad has refused

to lose and has overcome the odds. Brad take his persistent spirit into his new career as a teacher and wishes to instill an attitude in his

students of never quitting and never giving up no matter what they go through in their personal or academic lives.