Ms. Broberg's 3rd Grade Superstars!

Welcome to the 3rd Grade!

"The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

                     - Dr. Seuss

     I am excited for this year and I am looking forward to getting to know you. Working together, we can help make this school year productive, exciting, and fun! Included in this website are classroom policies, content students will be learning, projects and homework due calendar, rules and policies, contact information, plus a slew of other great information you might need to help ensure your student's success.

Can't wait to make this the best year ever! 


Ms. Broberg

Classroom Behavior

   In order for us to have a safe and productive learning evironment, we must follow rules and guidelines. These are the rules of my classroom.

  • Students must show respect to their teacher and their fellow classmates at all times.
  • Students must also respect other people's property. Breaking school materials and vandalizing school property will result in disciplinary consequences. This includes text books, art supplies, desks, writing materials, back packs, chairs, white boards, and markers.
  • Students are responsible for cleaning their messes and keeping their desks clean and organized.
  • Students must use appropriate language at all times and wear school uniforms.
  • Students must keep their hands to themselves. Hitting is never allowed.


  • Students must always come to school prepared. This means having their homework completed and ready to turn in. Students must have the necessary materials to start their day, i.e. notebooks, binders, sharpened pencils, etc.
  • Students must always do their best.
  • Students must have a positive attitude and always be kind.
  • Students must pay attention and listen when instructions are given.
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions and ask for help when things are clear.
  • When doing computer work, students must only go on approved websites and wait for log-ins from their teacher. 
  • Students must act responsibly.



  • No cellphones or electronics are to be brought into the classroom. The only electronics used are the ones already in the classroom. If a student has a cellphone, it must remain in their backpack for the duration of the day. If I see it, I will confiscate it and a parent will have to come pick it up.
  • Only water bottles with sealed lips are allowed in the classroom and all water bottles are to remain in the water area of the classroom. Students must ask permission to get water from their containers.
  • Students must arrive to class on time.
  • Students must NEVER copy other people's work. 
  • Students must turn in their work on time, when it is due unless a authorized absents prevents it. Late work must always be approved first.
  • Students must always line up in orderly fashion without pushing and in line order. No fighting.


  • Every MONDAY Math homework is due!!!!! I will assign math homework the previous Wednesday. This is every week! 
  • I will post assignments on HOMEWORK DUE page of this website and parents will be able to check the Infinite Campus website regarding their student's grades, missing assignments, and test scores.
  • I will send home project sheets and due dates will be printed on the sheets. 
  • Testing dates are subject to change and that is the school's schedule however I will make sure I include those dates on this website.

      Please Explore Others Pages of this Website and Let's Make This a Winning Year!!!

-Ms. Broberg

Have Fun!
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