About the Regents

Physical Science/Physics Regents Exam

  • All students in the Regents Physics course will take this regents exam. This will be the final exam for the class.
  • Only offered in June of each year. (In 2019, the exam was offered June 25)
  • A 3 hour written exam including multiple choice and short answer/calculation questions


  • Exams are scored in-school by licensed teachers. Schools are given guidance that no teacher should score their own students' exams. Scorers are given an answer key and rubric by the state.
  • The number of correct answers is totaled and converted into a "scale score" dependent on the administration of the examination, provided by the state.
  • A score of 65 or higher is passing
  • Students must pass at least one science regents exam in order to graduate
  • Students who achieve a score of 85 or higher on three science regents are eligible for a diploma with a mastery in science