Grading Breakdown

Tests and Quizzes- 50%

Labs - 30%

Homework/Classwork - 10%

Quarterly Test/Mid-Term/Final - 10%


Homework and Classwork

Homework will be assigned more often than not, but students will consistently have ample time to work on it during class. This homework/classwork is intended to help students practice and master concepts and methods from the class. Homework will often be graded on completion, not mastery, but working to understand mistakes, gaps in knowledge, or misconceptions will greatly help improve their success on future tests and quizzes. Students are encouraged to come in for extra help as they need it, before it becomes a problem. Most topics are cumulative; do not fall behind! We will use concepts and methods from the very first unit even in the last unit!

Tests, Quizzes and Retakes

Notes and homework can be used on quizzes, but not on tests. Students may retake any test or quiz (with the exception of quarterly tests, mid-term, and final) but will not be required to. It is up to the student to complete the retake sheet (demonstrating extra study time) and schedule the retake exam BEFORE the last week of the quarter.

How to Study:  It is my suggestion for students to re-do problems from homework, classwork, quizzes, and previous tests WITHOUT first looking at the answer. They will then be able to compare their answer and method to the established correct answer and method. While just reading through notes may be beneficial, it will only get them so far.


Students are required to complete all labs. It is required by the state that students have so many lab hours before they can take the Regents Exam. Labs will be assigned, completed, and submitted through Google Classroom. All write-ups should use complete sentences and all answers should be supported with data from the lab. It is important to remember that it is okay not to get the intended results every time; just discuss how the results are somehow in error, analyze the lab and procedure for how that error came about, and suggest improvements that could be made.