Mr. Clynch's Living Environment

Welcome to Living Environment!

On these pages, you will find class notes and vocabulary, links that will help you throughout the year and any homeworks assigned in class.

If you need to reach me by email, . Please be sure to include your name and period in the subject line.

Some important information to remember:

School Rules:

No hats

No glass bottles

No I-Pods or headphones in the school

No cell phones

Class Rules:

There will be assigned seats, use them

Listen and if you need to speak, raise your hand

Do not ask for the pass, unless it is an emergency. You will sign in and out for bathroom use. The pass is to be used ONLY for the bathroom, not for seeing other teachers, friends, counselors, grade advisors, etc.

Be respectful to those around you

Grading: Your grade will be determined using the following outline:

Tests 35%

Homework 15%

Class work and participation 10%

Labs 10%

Projects 20%

Quizzes 10%


Homework will be given daily. It will be submitted, graded and returned to you, in a timely manner.


You are expected to be in class every day. If you are absent, please bring in an absence note the day you return to school.  You are responsible for any work that you missed while you were absent.