United States History & Government 11R

COURSE CONTENT: The course includes the study of geography, history, and culture of the United States of America. American history from the colonial period to present day will be covered, with an emphasis on the impact of the U.S. Constitution. 

CLASS MATERIALS: Students are required to have a three ring binder, which will serve as their notebooks. Please bring a pen or pencil to class every day.

HOMEWORK: Each quarter students will have FOUR homework packets to complete. They will be collected about every two weeks, and will be graded based upon neatness, percentage complete, and accuracy of information.   

 TESTS: Tests and/or quizzes are generally given weekly. Questions will be based upon: notes, textbook readings, class discussions, and hand-outs.

MAKE-UP WORK: When students are absent they are expected to obtain work that has been completed in class. Work handed in late will not receive full credit.  

GRADING: Quarterly grades will be computed as follows: 1/3 homework, class work and participation (which includes attendance in class); 2/3 tests and projects. FOUR best quiz grades will equal one test grade.

NYS TEST: ALL students must take the United States History & Government Regent’s Exam.

PARENT-TEACHER CONTACT: Communication between parents and teachers is essential to the learning process. PLEASE feel free to contact me at any time. My e-mail address is lconnors@cohoes.org.